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Baked Bacon-Wrapped Brown Sugar Smokies

Mike and I missed the Tai-Pan Holiday Party this year, and it's been reported that folks whimpered when we didn't bring a platter of these treats to the gathering. ;) I thought I'd share the recipe so you can make them yourselves in the future, if you like. (I'm making them for the next Steampunk game, though, so some of you will get to try them!)

*** Baked Bacon-Wrapped Brown Sugar Smokies ***

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Kitchen Confidential

I recently discovered that Hulu has all of the episodes of Kitchen Confidential available for viewing - watch, and enjoy!  :)

It's a hoot, and there are a lot of recognizable faces!  You'll see actors we now see in Fastforward, Bones, and even Nicholas Brendan from Buffy.  Good stuff, so go and watch!

"Based on renowned chef Anthony Bourdain's best-selling autobiography and from executive producers Darren Star (Sex and the City) and Dave Hemingson (Just Shoot Me!, American Dad), Kitchen Confidential exposes the secrets of the restaurant business through the delectable story of a talented chef who's determined to climb back to the top of the food game. Chef Jack Bourdain (Bradley Cooper) found enormous success at a young age. Unfortunately, Jack's culinary genius also led to a lifestyle of boozing, womanizing and drugs, excesses which eventually landed him in the gutter. After hitting rock bottom and deciding to sober up, the only job he could get was slopping soggy pasta for the masses at a tacky opera-themed restaurant. Out of the blue, Jack was offered an opportunity to get back in the game as head chef at a top New York restaurant. Jack hastily assembled a renegade crew of colleagues from his past. From the diners at the front of the house, to the head chef and his rock-star culinary team at the back of the house, Kitchen Confidential is a tasty look at the underbelly of the restaurant world."

Dec. 22nd, 2009

I was given permission to pass this message from Edward James Olmos on to whomever would be interested - so please feel free to pass it along, yourself! I encourage you to donate to Sextol Sol's cause as part of your holiday giving, as I have.


From Edward James Olmos:

I would like to extend my season's greetings to you. As we approach the end of another year, I am often reminded how blessed I am to have the friendship and respect of all of you. I am humbled and grateful for the support you give to me and to my projects. I couldn't do what I do without you.

Now that the giving season is upon us once more, I would appreciate it if you would consider offering your support to an organization whose work is close to my heart. The people of Sexto Sol Center for Community Action are tireless in their efforts to serve impoverished communities in Chiapas, Mexico and Guatemala. With economic times being what they are, it has been especially difficult for non-profits to maintain their former levels of contributions. I know that many of you have generously givien to Sexto Sol in the past. I appreciate your thoughtful kindness more than I can say. I am hoping that even more of you will consider making a contribution towards helping them this holiday season. No amount of a donation is too small. Pennies add up to dollars, and dollars change lives.

You can go directly to or reach them through my web site to read more about the vital work that is being done. There are a variety of ways that you can help. If you are a coffee drinker, bypass Starbuck's one day and send the money to Sexto Sol through whom, by the way, outstanding coffee can be purchased.

I hope that you will find it in your heart to help. There is no greater holiday gift you could give to me than this.

With all my love and appreciation and good wishes for a blessed new year,

Edward James Olmos

PAX 09 photos

cunning hat
Okee doke, my photos from PAX 09 are posted at Flickr, now.

Seattle and SLGC friends might recognize this character, taking his turn at the Rockband stage... ;)

Yes, indeedy, I did.  It's been over a week now since I got back from PAX, and there are probably a few of you who already know that the convention was - in addition to being a fabulous event - a breeding ground for what's being called the "Nerd Flu."  Yes, Swine Flu was fully present and accounted for at the con, and I was one of its unlucky recipients.  I've spent the last week in bed, hacking up a lung (well, it felt like it, at least), and didn't get out of the house until today when I had a doctor's appointment which was completely unrelated to having the flu.  I also had an appointment at the podiatrist's office next door to get started on fixing my left foot, but I had the feeling they wouldn't want to see me today.  I was right.

(No, Mom, I'm not deathly ill, it was a regular doctor's appointment about something else entirely, so stop worrying, will you?  *sigh*)

I called the dr's office before arriving to tell them what I'd been going through for the last week, though, and they had a mask for me when I arrived.  I put it on - yuck, have you ever tried to breathe through one of those things comfortably? - and went next door to give the podiatrist the option of seeing me then or to reschedule.  They rescheduled, staying far away from me.  I was a good girl and stayed far away from them, too, touching nothing in the office unnecessarily.

My doctor did see me, thank you very much, and went ahead and took a swab for testing for H1N1.  Now, when I say, "took a swab" what I really mean is that she took a long, thin, evil plasticky q-tip thingy and shoved it into my nasal cavity while I cowered in pain and terror, tears streaming from my eyes, as she said, "I'm sorry, hon, hold on, I just need to twirl it now..."


It felt like my brain was exploding from the pain, lemme tell you.  It probably wouldn't have been nearly so bad except that my nasal cavities have spent the last week being compromised from the flu.  All I knew is that it hurt, hurt a LOT, and if it had been someone other than my doctor causing me that much pain that close to my brain that I would have screamed quite loudly and started swinging my fists indescriminantly.


So, apparently we'll know for sure whether or not it is/was H1N1 in a couple of days, although at this point I don't really doubt it consider that I had all of the symptoms.  And, unfortunately, am still running a temperature, so afterward I came straight home and collapsed into bed again for a nap.

I am tired of being sick.  Very tired.  And now I'm going to do a completely separate entry for PAX stuff.

Update:  here's what FOX News had to say about the PAX outbreak...,0,3376336.story

Back at Cyberdogs...

cunning hat
Met up with Snow Wolf and moved heavy bags o' schwag to the car... ooof!  Is much nicer to not be carrying all that stuff around.

Met my footsie lifesaver Travis - the massage guy at the Convention Center.  :)  After he worked on my feet I could actually walk without limping, which is amazing, considering how much my bone spur (or plantar fasciitis, the doctor hasn't decided yet) has been hurting today.  He wasn't able to get a PAX pass, so for his tip I'm loaning him mine for an hour so he can go look at booths and get schwag.  :)

And I should probably get back over there... hang out in the lobby and read or something until he's gotten his fill.

Still havin' fun, still impressed by the con.  Whee!

Whoo! I'm a PAXian

So, here I am, not quite *at* PAX, but rather at CyberDogs, which is my Convention Center cafe of choice ever since Matthew introduced me to it oh-so-many-years-ago.  (Hi, Matthew!)  :)  I mean, geez, a place where people don't sneer or look at me funny when I want veggie food, AND free internet access - what more can you ask for?

I've been at the convention now for... oh, several hours, and I'm lovin' it.  :)  Many thanks to Snow Wolf to introducing me to this thing.  It's hard to describe... but it's a massive amount of people who're all, well, saying "gamers" just doesn't adequately explain it.  They're all so *nice*!  I am SO not out of place, here, and I love it.  *grin*

And I am SO glad that I brought a backpack, because its now filled with schwag AND I have a heavy second bag o' schwag as well.  There's not as much free stuff as I'd expected, it looks like the bad economy has effected schwaggage, but there's still a lot of stuff (mostly coupons and stuff rather than actual items) to be had.

Got my PAX 09 shirt early, because I was told they sell out fast.  Black, of course.  :)  Funny... you'd think that the people who have shirts at these things would really think ahead and get truly large sizes in higher numbers than usual, but no.  *rolling eyes*  I've heard several people/groups commenting on the lack or larger size shirts, already.

So far, the game I've seen that intrigues me the most is from  Small outfit, no schwag, actually no hand-outs at the booth at all except their enthusiasm, but I plan on looking into it.

Only thing that's making me feel old so far is how tired I am.  So now I'm gonna finish my veggie dog and clean up my little Cyberdog area and make my way back to the Convention Center.  And am seriously thinking of stopping by the professional masseuse for a foot rub...

Sep. 1st, 2009

And now that the rush is past, there are PAX 3-Day passes showing up on the forum that might be available, still.  So if any of you are wanting to go and don't have a pass, here's the forum link where you can see what's up...

Good luck!

Surprised but pleased.

A very kind lady by the name of Cindy is selling me a 3-day Pax pass, and at a reasonable price.  :)  I was pretty much despairing of getting one, so her email to me really made my night, last night.

So, I've printed up the schedule from the Pax site, and think I'll probably be in a daze most of my time there.  The only video gaming I do is World of Warcraft, and pretty much no one would consider me a hard core player in any case.  However, Pax schwag goes for big bucks on EBay after the convention, so hey, I will probably be able to make up for the cost of going.  I don't really know the people who are performing at the concerts, either, although Freezepop sounds familiar, and I've seen Jonathan Coulton on YouTube.

This should be interesting.  I expect to feel very overwhelmed and... old.  *laughing*

Penny Arcade Expo

...otherwise known as Pax, is a Seattle "three-day game festival for tabletop, videogame, and PC gamers."  I told a friend I'd go, and now the Pax site says there are not going to be any at-the-door registrations.

That just sucks.

I've tried on all the forums, Craigs List, EBay, looking for a 3 day pass.  If you have any ideas for me on how to get one, or if you have one you'd like to sell to me, please contact me at:  julesong at gmail dot com.  I hate to let my friend down.


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